May 7, 2016

REM:The End Was Near

Artwork for CC Sant Marti, Barcelona 

Deep into that darkness peering,
long I stood there, wondering, fearing,
doubting, dreaming dreams
no mortal ever dared to dream before.
Edgar Allan Poe

March 29, 2016

Together, we can burn ♥

♥ ♥ 
I've served with gangsters and I've served with kings
These are a few of my favourite things
Think about love, love now and then
It's no good ....... I admit.

September 24, 2015

The Shallowness Of Vanity.

You spend a good deal of time looking at the horizon.
It's very simple when you look at it.
The less we use our power the greater it will be.
Hypnotic waves.

September 20, 2015

Say something:::Неправильный

I think. I see flames. 
Therefore, I am dangerous.
You burn.

September 19, 2015

Expression Is Dominant.

Displaying the likeness, in a still position.
Is Now Lost.

January 23, 2014


Surround neurons and hold them in place.
Regulate the internal environment of the brain.
Glue the nervous system. Unique responses.

Love the amygdalas memories of emotional.
You've never been so easily entertained.


AUTO PI (histoire de l’autoportrait)








"If only we could pull out our brain
and use only our eyes."
~ Pablo Picasso

January 14, 2014

Mother 4:26

Love you. 
Fuck your choices.
Broke my bones.

December 27, 2013

My BoysToyz ♥

Love yours blacks&whites.
Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.  

Always yours,

May 15, 2013

Clouds: Her way to see in the dark.

Childhood memories revisit us.

What path would we have chosen,
had we known what we know today?

An error in action,
evaluate wrongly.

The only way to go up:
Fall and get hurt.
Make mistakes.

You will learn.
Just wait.
I ♥ you. 
So much.

                                                                                                    | //| |\ //|

April 26, 2013

Hey Love, I still feel the same.

Does it make you feel good?
Samo ti zamišljaj. Nema te nigde.

Can you fall from the sky?
Will you leave me and die?

I was born to cure. 
Nothing's changed. 

I still feel the same.
Nothing's changed.

I still look the same. 
Nothing's changed.

                                           74 65 78 65 
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