June 21, 2012

Particle In A Box.



This is your life.

Gray particles are absolutely irrelevant.
Phenomena is complex.
Neglect rotation, buoyancy and friction.
Add some color.
Make something out of it.


                                     4A 41 4E 41 

June 15, 2012

The White Noise

 ////• • •  
 ////• • •   

Equal power 
is distributed by the mechanism of gaussian blur generation.
The signal is reaching an amplitude which makes it much easier to locate.
Extremely vulnerable sources are sold for the minimum zeros.
/in frame $84.99/ sold 
Forget the digital. Because you suck,  teddy bear
Make your limits. We are all good at something.
Keep painting.  Fingers crossed.

Choose the transformation.

¿En qué estás pensando?

Es el tuyo. 
I tried to warn you.
                                                                         74 65 78 65

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