May 28, 2011

Work for Client(s) part1

Visual identity done for music band from Madrid - Jardin de la Croa         

JDLC, Front / Back Cover

JDLC / Front Full

JDLC / Front Cover

JDLC / Extra Page

JDLC / Back Cover

JDLC / CD Print

JDLC, Front/Back Inside
JDLC / Inside Full

JDLC, Inside/ Left

JDLC, Inside/ Middle

JDLC, Inside/ Right

JDLC, T-Shirt/ example 1

JDLC, T-Shirt/ example 2

Visual identity done for music band from Belgium - Winther             

Winther, Front/Back Full

Winther / Front Cover

Winther / Back Cover

Winther, CD Print

Winther / Inside Full

Winther / Inside Left

Winther / Inside Right

Winther, T-Shirt/ example 1

Winther, T-Shirt/ example 2

Winther,  Logo/Small

May 23, 2011

TKO/Technical Knockout/

In the year 2011 my hometown Belgrade and my country Serbia has been knocked out once again in our delusional history of winners. Unfortunately, this time was once and for all.
Nothing. Dead. Now we pretend that it didn't happened. We blindly deny that it's been all wrong for far too long. Hordes of unskilled evils and peasantry occupy my city like hungry wolves and they not fearing to use the worst human traits. The achievement of their unscrupulous life plans particularly implies the removal of our skin from our already broken back. I will certainly NOT kneel at defeat at the choices made by rotten politicians, empty-headed government with corny excuses and the army of illiterate new money morons. So, rivet for rivet, now you'll have to fuck someone else.
“Let the future tell the truth, and evaluate each one according to his work and accomplishments. The present is theirs, the future, for which I have really worked, is mine.”  Tesla

And one more thing, I want to be perfectly clear, for for all those people who maybe have any doubts, this is NOT HATE - this is PURE RAGE, which is simply the result came after years of oppression and tyranny. Thank you. J 

  Fake no more



  You thought a different day had come



  The middle ground between light and shadow



You don`t know the size of my heart.



Keep me quiet, keep me angry



You can't stop me breathing



Maybe I can help you?


We won't abandon our souls

You're lying, you're cheating, you're killing
      Stihovi: lemental / Priroda i društvo
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